Always Check the NOTAM section prior to performing ANY updates to your DCS World install.


19/0208 - Update procedure for DCS World v2.5.4.26825

### Update Instructions ###

1) Launch OvGME and confirm the “DCS World” configuration is selected from the drop-down list to the right of the logo.

2) Select ALL the Enabled mods that begin with “DCSW-“, then click the “Disable selected” button

3) UPDATE to the latest version of DCS World by launching the sim and acknowledging the prompt to “Update Now”, or by running the “Update DCS World” shortcut.

4) Once the update has completed successfully, acknowledge the Success prompt.

5) Exit out of the sim.

6) Return to OvGME, confirm you are still working under the “DCS World” configuration, then select all the mods that begin with “DCSW-” and click the “Enable selected” button.

7) Navigate into the root of your “DCS World” folder.  Locate and Run (double-click) the file named “Silence_ATC.bat”.  This will SILENCE that annoying ATC during multiplayer. You should see a GREEN window appear for a few seconds, confirming your ATC was Silenced.

IMPORTANT: To avoid potential sync issues between clients or complications during mission design, pilots should have ALL squadron approved Mods ENABLED, even if a mission does not use them. Unused Mods in a mission remain dormant, and should have no impact.

NOTE: If you are unsure you have all the latest versions of our squadron mods, simply Query the Repository to find out.  You should see Green Check marks for all Mods.  If you are missing one, or have the wrong version, you’ll see it, and can download and enable it under the appropriate configuration. 

If you encounter any issues, please contact the CO or XO immediately.

19/0130 - Update procedure for DCS Simple Radio Standalone


Step 1.) Download DCS-SRS from Dropbox Voice Comms

Step 2.) Create a folder on your desktop (it can be any named anything)

Step 3.) Unzip the DCS-SRS file to the folder you created.

Step 4.) Navigate to the folder you unzipped DCS-SRS and run the installer.

Step 5.) Click update/install on the lower left hand corner of the installer.

Step 6.) Run DCS-SRS client and confirm new version in upper right corner of the window, verify all settings and bindings are correct.


18/0907 - DCS Simple Radio Standalone Upgrade

### Installation Instructions ###

1) Make sure DCS Simple Radio Standalone (SRS) is NOT running at this time. 

NOTE : The following steps below are necessary to ensure SRS will work properly.  If your installation IS NOT in Program Files, it needs to be located there from here on out to avoid any issues.  

2) Navigate to where you currently have DCS Simple Radio Standalone installed.   You will need to copy the highlighted file to your desktop.       

 This file will be placed in the new installation folder once steps 2 through 5 are completed.

Copy the FavouriteServer.csv highlighted above to your desktop by dragging and dropping OR right clicking on file then clicking copy and finally pasting to you desktop.


3) Navigate to your C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts Folder –  You will be deleting the highlighted folder and files below

                ACHTUNG !!!!!!!! DO NOT DELETE YOUR EXPORT.LUA FILE!!!!!!!____


4.1) Navigate to Dropbox\BlackKnights\VoiceCommsCopy and paste the highlighted file to your desktop.

4.2) Create a folder on your desktop called SRS (This prevents accidentally extracting the contents of the *.zip file from to your desktop.)

4.3) Locate the and double click it.

4.4) Click on Extract All and browse to the folder you created on step 4.2 above.  See Below


5) From the SRS folder run the installer.exe

Confirm that the folder paths indicated in the boxes below are the same as yours!


Click on –  Install/Update DCS-SRS

You will get a prompt stating that the installation was successful!!


6) Copy the FavouriteServer.csv file you saved to your desktop ON STEP 2 by dragging and dropping OR right clicking on file then clicking copy and finally pasting into your C:\Program Files\DCS-SimpleRadio-Standalone —–(NOT FOR NEW PILOTS)

7.1)  Double click on SR-ClientRadio.exe to launch SRS. 

7.2) In the drop downs – Select the appropriate Microphone and Speakers for your Sim.

7.3) Using “Audio Preview ” test your mic input (Rift owners check using your Rift mic!)

7.4) Adjusting the speaker boost to its highest setting will cause feedback when “Audio Preview” is in use however in game volume may not be high enough to be audible.  Leaving it on 28dB and adjusting the in game volumes of each radio will prevent that.


8) Confirm your “Controls” are mapped properly


9) Under “Settings” tab, confirm the following settings match the screenshot below



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