Always Check the NOTAM section prior to performing ANY updates to your DCS World install.


20/0729 - Update procedure for DCS World v2.5.6.52437

### Update Instructions ###

1) Launch OvGME and confirm the “DCS World” configuration is selected from the drop-down list to the right of the logo.

2) Select EVERY mod that begins with “DCSW-“, then click the “Disable selected” button.

3) Clear your shader cache. DELETE the folders “fxo” and “metashaders2” located within “.\Saved Games\DCS\” 

4) UPDATE to the latest version of DCS World by launching the sim and acknowledging the prompt to “Update Now”, or by running the “Update DCS World” shortcut.

5) Once the update has completed successfully, acknowledge the Success prompt and Exit out of the sim.

6) Return to OvGME, then from the top menu select “Mods” > “Repositories” > “Query…”. You’ll notice three Updates are available (orange arrows). Download the Updated Mods now:

  • DCSW-AV-8B Advanced Bindings   1.7.0
  • DCSW-F-14 LANTRIN for Pilot   1.2.0
  • DCSW-Performance Tweaks   20.7.31


7) Switch over to the “DCS World” configuration, select ALL the mods that begin with “DCSW-” and click the “Enable selected” button. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using the optional “DCSW-VR Shaders” mod, I recommend you leave that DISABLED for now.  The author has yet to release an update that supports this build, and I have not tested it for compatibility. Proceed at your own risk if you choose to enable it.

8) Launch DCS World and load up any Instant Action in the Caucasus map.  This will take awhile to load, as new shaders are created.  Afterwards, repeat the same for the Nevada and then Persian Gulf maps.  The sim will load much faster now when you fly.


IMPORTANT: To avoid sync issues between clients or complications during missions, EVERY pilot should have ALL THE REQUIRED Mods ENABLED Please compare your list in OvGME to THIS SHEET of current Squadron Mods, and their Status.

If you encounter any issues, please contact the CO or Readiness immediately.

19/0914 - Update to F-14 Pilot LANTIRN Control Mappings

1) Re-Install the Squadron F-14 Profile for Warthog HOTAS, located in:  \Dropbox\BlackKnights\Profiles\F-14.  Carefully follow the instructions in “Read Me.txt”

2) Copy the “F-14 LANTIRN.exe” utility to anywhere on your PC.  Put it somewhere where you’ll remember to RUN it when you fly the F-14 in DCS!  The Desktop may be a good spot.

USAGE: Just double-click to run it.  It can be run before or even after DCS launches, but obviously before you want to interact with the LANTIRN.  Make sure your APU and RDR ALTM switches are OFF (Down pos) prior to running it.

APU Switch = LANTIRN Pod Power (requires 8 mins to initialize after throwing this switch)


IMPORTANT NOTE1: Because everyone’s hardware setup is different, you’ll want to TEST your hardware setup for compatibility with “F-14 LANTIRN.exe”. To test, Run the “TEST MY CONTROLS.exe”, located in:  \Dropbox\BlackKnights\Profiles\F-14, then flip your APU and RDR ALTM switches UP.  If you see a pop-up message, you’re good to go!

IMPORTANT NOTE2: If your setup fails the test, that just means the “F-14 LANTIRN.exe” may require further customization to work with your setup, OR perhaps you don’t own the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS. In either case, notify the CO immediately, and I will update the utility for your setup.

IMPORTANT NOTE3: We discovered that when working with “modifiers” in DCS (as we are doing with the LANTIRN) you should AVOID editing your controls in-flight.  Doing so while the modifier is engaged can result in a number of issues, including screwing up your mappings, locking up your controls so no commands are passed, or reversing your switch mappings.  All of these are bad.  You can AVOID the above issues by performing the following BEFORE editing your controls:

1) Making sure your LANTIRN Power and Control Mode Switches are OFF (down pos)

2) Make sure the CapsLock light is OFF

3) Edit your controls from the main menu instead

4) If you do find yourself in a jam with one of these issues, CANCEL out of the Controls editor, ensure your LANTIRN switches are OFF, then go back into the Controls editor and click OK.


I developed F-14 LANTIRN.exe as a solution to power-up and initialize the LANTRIN pod from the PILOT seat, and work around the limitation where a SINGLE PILOT is prevented from switching to the RIO seat in multi-player to perform those steps.  This solution also corrects the behavior of the RDR ALTM switch on the Warthog Throttle, which is referred to as the “LANTIRN Mode” switch.  The switch now properly behaves as a two-position switch, enabling “LANTIRN Mode” control when the switch is UP, and disabling the mode when the switch is DOWN, returning the control stick to the default PILOT mode.

To accomplish this, I turned to a popular utility in the flight sim community… AutoHotKey. I used this utility to develop a stand-alone executable, “F-14 LANTIRN.exe” that when run on your PC, works with your control mappings, to allow you to control the LANTIRN from the pilot seat. It works by sending a sequence of key commands to the sim, in response to you flipping certain switches on your Warthog Throttle. The utility requires no installation and runs in the background, using absolute minimal resources. You’ll know it’s loaded by the little icon that appears in your tool tray.

Another limitation when powering up the LANTIRN from the PILOT seat in multi-player, is there was no way to confirm the status of the LANTIRN Pod.  Did it get switched on? Is it ready to use?  The “F-14 LANTIRN.exe” addresses that limitation through verbal response from JESTER. When you power up the LANTIRN, you will HEAR JESTER acknowledge the status of the LANTIRN.  After the 8-minute initialization period, he will come back on the ICS and advise you that the LANTIRN is up and ready.  As an added bonus, he will also acknowledge handing control of the LANTIRN pod over to you every time you enable “LANTIRN Mode”.

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