Always Check the NOTAM section prior to performing ANY updates to your DCS World install.


17/1107 - Squadron Install of DCS World 2 Open Alpha v2.1.1

### Instructions to Setup DCS World 2 Open Alpha as a Squadron Install ###

1) RENAME your “..\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha” folder to “DCS.openalpha-backup”. After this step, you should no longer have a folder called “..\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha”. This step will be critical later, and will ensure you get a stable version.  Fuck it up, and you might as well go play War Thunder.

2) Run the “DCS Updater Utility.exe” from your Dropbox and perform the following steps.  Refer to the image as needed:

  1. On the LEFT side, under “Open Alpha”, Click the Browse button and locate where you have DCS World 2 Open Alpha currently installed. Click OK after locating your install.
  2. Now click the “Verify DCS Installs” button above it. The light should turn GREEN next to the path for Open Alpha.
  3. Next, up at the Top LEFT is the “Select Build to Manage” dropdown, change it so that “Open Alpha Build” is displayed.
  4. Now Click on the “CLEAN” button in the Upper RIGHT. 



3) After scanning your install, a pop-up window may appear showing you any extra files that were found that do not belong to the default game install.  Choose either “Delete” to wipe them or “Move to Backup” if you want to preserve these files in a separate location.  DO NOT Keep them.


4) Once the updater has completed Cleaning your Open Alpha install, confirm the Success prompt.

5) While still in the DCS Updater Utility, click on the “UPDATE” button at the top.  

Acknowledge the pop-up prompt to Update Now!  If you are already at the latest version, continue on to the next step.


6) After the Update has completed successfully, you can close out of the DCS Updater Utility.

7) Launch ModMan, then click on the “Arrow” in the Upper RIGHT corner to reveal the Options menu


8) Click the “Select game management” button, and choose “DCS World 2 Open Alpha” from the list, then click Apply.  If prompted about the creation of the ModMan addons and backups folders for Open Alpha, go ahead and acknowledge that prompt.



9) DOWNLOAD the following REQUIRED Mods from the Files section and save them to your “addons_DCSW2 OpenAlpha” folder

  • “English Cockpit Su-25T v3.3”
  • “Silence ATC v2.0”


OPTIONAL MODS – You may also download the following if you own the module

  • “English Cockpit AJS-37 v1.2”
  • “English Cockpit SA342 v1.3.2”
  • “Genuine Huey Sounds v2.5”
  • “Horse of War v1.5”


10) INSTALL the mods you downloaded into Open Alpha via ModMan. The mods listed above are the ONLY ones currently approved for use in our squadron install of Open Alpha. Close ModMan when finished.


11) Launch DCS World 2 Open Alpha, login with your DCS credentials, then once the sim loads, configure your System, Gameplay, Audio, Misc, and VR Options.  Don’t worry about Controls now, we’ll address those in the final step. Any English cockpit mods must be enabled by you under the “SPECIAL” tab, by highlighting the module, and changing “Customized Cockpit” from Default to “English”.

12) Go to the Modules Manager and confirm your Modules are installed. Install any if needed.

13) Launch Multiplayer, and enter your Black Knights callsign.  Exit Multiplayer.

14) Launch the Mission Editor, to create and load shaders.  Exit the Mission Editor after it loads.

15) Launch Instant Action, and select the “NEVADA A-10C Cold Start” mission, to once again create and load shaders.  This will take FORE-EV-AHHHH to load…  But that’s why you are doing it now.

16) Last Step!  Exit out of the Instant Action mission, and exit DCS.  Remember that Backup you made of your “..\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha” folder back in Step 1?  Now you can return to that folder, and copy all your control bindings over to the pristine new “..\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha” folder that the sim just created for you.  Control bindings are located within the “Config\Input” subfolder.  Your Export scripts for Helios or other external cockpit devices are located within the “Scripts” subfolder.  These are the ONLY subfolders you should really be copying over.  If you copy others, you risk making your DCS World 2 Open Alpha unstable.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please run a shakedown flight of your DCS World 2 Open Alpha install prior to next Monday’s mission night, to ensure your install and controls are ready to fly!

If you encounter any issues, please contact the CO or XO immediately.

17/1102 - Update to DCS World v1.5.7 Approved

### Update Instructions ###

1) Launch ModMan, and if prompted, select “DCS World” (look for the Su-25T banner)


3) These MODS are OBSOLETE.  You may delete them from your “addons_DCS World” folder now.  You will NOT be reinstalling them.

  • “Black Knights Squadron Files v1.56b”
  • “M2000 Weapons Upgrade v1.8.8”
  • “English Cockpit Su-25T v3.2”
  • “English Cockpit AJS-37 v1.0”   (optional mod)
  • “English Cockpit SA342 v1.3”   (optional mod)
  • “English Cockpit Mi-8MTV2 v1.9b”  (optional mod)


4) Close ModMan

5) UPDATE to v1.5.7.10872.388 by launching the sim and acknowledging the prompt to “Update Now”, or by running the “Update DCS World” shortcut.

6) Once the update has completed successfully, acknowledge the Success prompt.  If the sim launches, close it down.

7) DOWNLOAD the following NEW Mods from the Files section and save them to your “addons_DCS World” folder


  • “”
  • “”
  • “”
  • “”
  • “”


NEW OPTIONAL MODS (if you own the module)

  • “”
  • “”


8) Launch ModMan and RE-INSTALL the following Mods:

  • “Black Knights Squadron Files v1.5.x”
  • “Black Knights Base Building Collection v2.5”
  • “Modified Dust & Smoke v 1.0”
  • “M2000 Livery – Georgian Air Force v1.0”
  • “English Cockpit Su-25A v1.5”
  • “English Cockpit Su-25T v3.3”
  • “M2000C Weapons Upgrade v1.9”
  • “Modified Unit Database v1.0”
  • “Silence ATC v2.0”


OPTIONAL (install if you own the module)

  • “English Cockpit AJS-37 v1.2”
  • “English Cockpit SA342 v1.3.2”
  • “Genuine Huey Sounds v2.5”


9) The following MODS should remain UNINSTALLED at this time.  They can remain in your “addons_DCS World” folder.

  • “Green Thunder BKS Edition v1.3”
  • “Black Knights Nam Aircraft Upgrade v1.3.2”

If you encounter any issues, please contact the CO or XO immediately.

16/1030 - DCS Simple Radio Standalone Install

### Update Instructions ###

1) Make sure DCS Simple Radio Standalone (SRS) is NOT running at the time of update.

2) Run the .NET 4.62 Web Installer…  Located in “Dropbox\BlackKnights\Voice Comms”.  The installer supports all versions of Windows, and will automatically install the correct version.  You should still run this even if you already have .NET 4.62 installed.

3) From the same Dropbox location, locate the subfolder with the latest version of SRS and INSTALL by running the “Installer.exe”. 

4) Confirm the install locations are correct then Click “Install / Update DCS-SRS”,  and acknowledge the “Success” pop-up

5) Launch the “SR-ClientRadio”,  and set your Microphone Boost to -90% (minus 90) and Speaker Boost to 126%.  Use the cursor keys on your keyboard for more precise control of the sliders in tens. Select your correct Microphone and Speakers hardware from the drop downs.

6) Test using “Preview Audio” and adjust as required.

7) Add the “Black Knights” SRS server to your favorites.

8) Confirm your controls are mapped properly

9) Under “Settings” tab, confirm the following settings match the screenshot below


New for this release is an optional SRS In-Game OVERLAY using the native DCS GUI. This benefits VR users and those who run DCS in full screen mode, as you can now see the currently set radio frequencies and your active radio from within the sim.

The In-Game Overlay has 3 states, Hidden, Small & Full that you can toggle by pressing “Left Control + Left Shift + Esc”.

The Full state has a title bar that you can click and drag the window around with. The window position will be saved for when DCS is next opened.

Exciting, huh? There’s a huge “HOWEVER” though…


Pressing “L Ctrl + L” while the In-Game OVERLAY is displayed will result in SEVERE FPS LAG. Pressing “L Ctrl + L Shift + L” resolves the lag problem.

As this key combination IS mapped in some DCS modules, pilots choosing to use the new In-Game OVERLAY must be aware of this major bug and how to resolve it. Steps should be taken by pilots to prevent generating the “L Ctrl + L” key presses in their profiles.

As this bug ONLY appears when the In-Game OVERLAY is ACTIVE, pilots that choose NOT to use the In-Game OVERLAY should experience no issues. You may continue to use the default SRS Overlay in a separate window.

Pilots that want to take the extra step and REMOVE the In-Game OVERLAY from SRS entirely, can just delete the following files: