• Hook Presents:<br>“Blue Falcons” Hook Presents:
    “Blue Falcons”
    The artist formerly known as Jaws presents his latest chapter in the Falcon Defense Services saga, as we catch up with FDS during their latest exploits in the Persian Gulf. FDS recently wired the United Arab Emirates a large amount of money in order to purchase arms and equipment, however the UAE has decided to take Falcon's money and run...
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  • SkyKnight Presents:<br>“THOR’s Hammer” Part II SkyKnight Presents:
    “THOR’s Hammer” Part II
    The counter-terrorism operation 'Desert Hammer' continues in Nevada. Having just thwarted an Islamic terrorist plot to disrupt the nation's power grid at Hoover Dam, project THOR is now tasked with locating and eliminating the terror cell's base camp. Operating from remote fields (FARPS), AV-8B Harriers from Marine Attack Squadron 214 will again accompany British Gazelles from 658 Squadron.
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  • Zerocoolz Presents: “Operation House Sweep” Zerocoolz Presents: “Operation House Sweep”
    Earlier this week Russia announced it had begun recalling units from Georgia, scaling back its presence in the country. However, one rogue Russian military unit has disobeyed their orders to withdraw, and instead put up arms, dug in around Kutaisi airport. Russia has gone on record condoning this action and even went as far as to proclaim they no longer consider the paramilitary unit part of their military.  A Marine Expeditionary Unit has been sent into the Black Sea to assist NATO ally Georgia with this security threat. 
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  • SkyKnight Presents:<br>“THOR’s Hammer” SkyKnight Presents:
    “THOR’s Hammer”
    An elite counter terrorism unit, code-name 'THOR', is training in the Las Vegas area. Exercise 'Desert Hammer' is a direct action, live-fire, counter terror operation intended to send a message to any would be terrorists that the United States will not hesitate to use military force on domestic soil to combat threats from terrorism. AV-8B Harriers from Marine Attack Squadron 214 will accompany British Gazelles from 658 Squadron in this joint display of national will.
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  • Viper Presents:<br>“Night of the Intruder” Viper Presents:
    “Night of the Intruder”
    VMA-311 Tomcats are on station in the Adriatic Sea at the start of the Kosovo conflict and the men of the Black Knights are on the tip of the spear tonight. With the help of F/A-18C hornets from the Carl Vinson they will lead a deep strike into Bosnia to hit a major command and control center.
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  • Viper Presents:<br>“Operation Steinbock” Viper Presents:
    “Operation Steinbock”
    Operation Steinbock, also known as the Baby Blitz, was Germany’s last true offensive of the Second World War. As Hitler’s Luftwaffe sends wave after wave of fighter bombers against critical assets on the shores of France, America and Britain respond. The men of the Black Knights have been stationed at RAF Brucheville with the 364th Fighter Squadron and No.126 Squadron in preparation of one of the 8th’s daylight raids on a rail station in Caen.
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  • Jaws Presents:<br>“The Final Countdown”<br>Black Knights Edition Pt II Jaws Presents:
    “The Final Countdown”
    Black Knights Edition Pt II
    June 6, 1944: The U.S.S. Belleau Wood & The Flying Nightmares of VMA 513 have somehow been taken back in time, finding themselves right in the middle of the infamous invasion of Omaha Beach! With the Nightmares having already encountered both axis and allied forces... The Belleau Wood & her crew must chose their next move carefully.. else they may forever change the course of history...
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