• SkyKnight Presents:Constant Peg SkyKnight Presents:Constant Peg
    It lies within the vast 5,000 square miles of the Nevada Test and Training Range and it is off-limits. What happens here shapes the technology and tactics that turn world history. From modern fighter tactics to stealth technology, it has seen the operation and evaluation of the most classified aircraft in the U.S. arsenal, and is home to America's secret MiGs and Sukhois.  The Tonopah Test Range Airport serves as the operational base for the "Red Hats", a classified USAF unit. Their mission: Expose tactical air forces to the flight characteristics of Russian front-line fighter aircraft.
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  • Airdog Presents: “Op: Sand Viper” Airdog Presents: “Op: Sand Viper”
    FAKE NEWS ALERT: Fed up with the unending accusations and incriminations over alleged presidential election tampering,  Russia invaded the West coast states of California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada, funneling troops and equipment through Mexico and Canada across unsecured borders. Dressed like migrant workers, Russian troops were initially welcomed by Govs. Jerry Brown & Jay Inslee, who offered free medical care and drivers licenses to all.  Once Russian troops reached Nevada however, the welcome mat was pulled out from under them, and a fierce battle has broken out for control of Las Vegas.
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  • Lord Angel Presents: “Prison Break” Lord Angel Presents: “Prison Break”
    Operation Prison Break – Black Knights are tasked with a daring POW rescue mission that takes place deep behind enemy lines in North Vietnam.
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  • Viper Presents: “Night Light” Viper Presents: “Night Light”
    To you American boys, welcome to Georgia! Since you're late to the party I'll catch you up briefly... The Reds have used a supposed war game they were running as a cover for a surprise attack against their neighbor, Georgia. The translation for their war game was "Lights Out". Georgia has called NATO in to bring a light to their darkness.
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  • Yak Presents: “Skoshi Tigers – Rolling Thunder” Yak Presents: “Skoshi Tigers – Rolling Thunder”
    Operation Rolling Thunder – a sustained campaign of aerial bombardment against North Vietnam. The main purposes is first, to destroy North Vietnamese infrastructure, including industrial bases, and transportation systems, so as to halt the supply lines from the North into South Vietnam; second to shatter North Vietnamese Communist’s will of fighting by heavy bombing, and finally, to boost the sagging morale of South Vietnam.
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  • Jaws Presents: “Skoshi Tigers-IV” Jaws Presents: “Skoshi Tigers-IV”
    Nearly one year has passed since the events of last weeks mission. The Skoshi Tigers have proven the F-5 to be a capable and valuable asset in the Vietnam conflict. As their deployment comes to a close, the Tigers will be called on one last time to provide support for one of the Vietnam Wars first major ground operations: Operation Hastings.
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  • Jaws Presents: “Skoshi Tigers-III” Jaws Presents: “Skoshi Tigers-III”
    Two weeks ago, recon flights conducted by the 4503rd identified a POW camp just across the NV border. S2 has studied the photos, and has confirmed the POW camp is operational, with South Vietnamese personnel and recently downed American aviators believed to be present. Analysts conclude the camp is used as a temporary holding facility before prisoners are moved deeper into North Vietnam. Prisoners at the camp don't have much time before they are relocated, or worse... We have the green light to mount a rescue operation!
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