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Do you enjoy playing combat flight simulators on the PC?
Are you looking for the fellowship that comes with flying online in a professional manner with a group of like-minded pilots who build and fly custom missions in a cooperative setting?


The Black Knights are currently looking for pilot candidates to fill a limited number of openings in the squadron. All candidates must by willing and able to commit to participating on a regular basis with the squadron for a period of at least 3 Years.


The Black Knights are looking for pilot candidates who:
      • Are enthusiastic and passionate about combat flight simming.
      • Have at least one year experience flying the DCS World in single-player.
      • Are looking to take that experience to the next level, in a structured multi-player forum.
      • Have a willingness and desire to own and fly the variety of DCS World aircraft modules available.
      • Can commit to remaining an active participant in the squadron for at least 3 years,  consistently attending weekly online sessions hosted Mondays from 20:00 to 23:30 CT.
      • Are willing to undergo a ‘Checkride’ with the squadron’s Training Officer to demonstrate their ability to perform the following in a DCS World aircraft:
        • Manual Startup and Alignment from a Cold and Dark pit (no autostarts)
        • Taxi, Takeoff and Landing
        • Formation Rendezvous & Basic Flight Maneuvers
        • Enroute Navigation between waypoints using MFD and/or HUD queues.
        • Weapons deployment in a live tactical environment.
      • Can approach membership in our virtual squadron with a “go along and get along” attitude, inclusive of the various personalities in our combat sim community.
      • Are at least 21 years of age.
      • Are not currently members, active or otherwise, of any other organization which fly DCS World online.
      • Reside within the United States or Canada, in the Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern time zones.


Pilot Candidates who are accepted into the squadron are done so conditionally under a 90-day observation period. Once the observation period is lifted, the pilot candidate will become a fully winged member of the squadron with all the benefits, including:

      • Custom Noseart and Ladder Door Art of their choosing for their aircraft
      • Pilot Avatar on our website
      • Eligible to receive ranks, patches, medals, and service awards


If you feel you have “The Right Stuff”, please fill out the form in the sidebar and a Black Knight officer will contact you.

Pilot Candidate Application

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