SkyKnight Presents: “Nordic Trident” 10

Norrbotten Wing is being hunted. Our ferry / reconnaissance flight picked up emissions consistent with a Soviet A-50 Mainstay AEW, within spitting distance of FOB Bergman. Secondary emissions out over the Norwegian Sea are consistent with a Tu-142 Bear reconnaissance platform.  The Ruskies are obviously attempting to triangulate the position of FOB Bergman. They may have even moved a mobile SA-6 SAM system into the area.  We must take immediate action!


 January 1983

The Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which form the “Nordic Trident”, are at risk of invasion by the USSR. Two of those countries are members of NATO, and while Sweden’s public stance has always been one of neutrality, the threat of Soviet invasion, along with their pact with Norway and Denmark as part of the “Trident” has Sweden secretly cooperating with NATO.

The Soviet objective to control the North Atlantic and submarine access to the sea routes between the United States and Europe is well known. To achieve this, the Soviet Union must reach the North Atlantic as rapidly as possible. NATO believes the Soviet attack plan is not to invade Sweden but to go around the country, across the Danish Belts, and also to attack northern Norway from the Kola Peninsula. Sweden would then be “isolated”.  NATO thinks Moscow is hoping that Sweden will remain neutral as it did in the Second World War, when Germany invaded Denmark and Norway.  What the Kremlin does not know is that neutrality for Sweden is something of a sham. We will not hesitate to come to the defense of the Nordic Trident when faced with invasion.


Norrbotten Wing  (F 21)

Norrbotten Wing (F 21) is a Swedish Air Force wing dating back to 1941 and the second World War, tasked with defending northern Sweden. F 21 has received their dispersal orders and formed a rapid response unit. While our main base is located in Luleå in northern Sweden, we are currently operating from a network of improvised road bases near or inside the border with Norway, above the arctic circle.


Norrbotten Wing is being hunted.

Our ferry/reconnaissance flight picked up emissions consistent with a Soviet A-50 Mainstay AEW, within spitting distance of FOB Bergman. Secondary emissions out over the Norwegian Sea are consistent with a Tu-142 Bear reconnaissance platform. They have even moved a mobile SAM system into the area. The Ruskies are obviously attempting to triangulate the position of FOB Bergman.

An asset as valuable as the A-50 is undoubtedly under escort.  With the potential of a SAM site in the area, the A-50 could very well be the bait, and the SAM the trap.  We must be careful not to spring it, or reveal our location.  For that, we will need to enlist the help of our Norwegian brothers.


Fortunately, our chefs have been hard at work cooking up new ways to kill Russians.  They’ve adapted the United States Air Force’s AGM-65A Maverick missile to our Viggen’s.  Our Swedish chefs have designated the weapon “RB-75”.  We had an opportunity to practice firing the RB-75 at our target range in a prior mission. Now we’ll use it in combat, as it is the best standoff weapon we have for SEAD.

Additionally, we’re hearing rumors that the Skunkworks have been testing a prototype glide bomb, that can be used as a standoff weapon against fixed ground targets. Not much is known about the weapon at this time, but we are intrigued none the less.





  • The boxes on the AO map represent the ELINT data obtained from the prior flight.  The large box is the best location fix of the A-50, the small box is likely the mobile SAM.
  • Depart FOB Bergman
  • Remain at low level, to avoid detection, reaching feet wet at WP 4 (INS alignment point at the Norwegian port of Nordkapp)
  • From there we will turn Southeast, fly along the coast to WP 5, where we will turn inland at the ingress point, marked by a fishing boat
  • Head Northeast, weaving through the fjord, and remaining at low level thru WP 6-8.
  • Engage the mobile SAM site near WP 9.  Use terrain to mask yourself from SAM launch, popping up to attack
  • Escape by following the flight-plan in reverse, maintaining low level to avoid detection
  • Land FOB BERGMAN (Outer Marker is WP1)


    • Remain at or below 1000m to avoid detection and giving away the FOB location
    • If you are mud spiked within range of FOB, shame on you!, you’ve just shown up on Soviet radar and can be tracked!
    • Landing Road Rwy HDG 030
    • Follow approach procedures, using WP 1 as Outer Marker
    • STOL procedures… AFK Mode 3 with 15.5 button ON.
    • Watch your approach speed… no higher than 270.  Landing HOT will result in disaster!
    • At conclusion of mission, taxi forward to runway end markings,  meet up with a follow-me bike, which will then guide your Trident to their assigned aircraft hangar




  • Employ RB-75 fire and forget missile
  • Use countermeasure pods
  • STOL Takeoff and Landing
  • AFK (Autothrottle) Mode 3 usage for short field landing  – AFK engaged and 15.5 button ON
  • Waypoint Navigation



  • Important: You must cycle the FR-24 Radio knob from NORM + GUARD to the RIGHT and then BACK to NORM + GUARD to initialize SRS Radio.  This will allow you to listen in on Guard (243) while using your discrete FR22 radio.  With this configuration, SRS Radio 1 is Discrete FLT, and SRS Radio 2 is Guard.

  • Discrete FR22 Radio Button assignment as follows
    • Thor:  Button 1
    • Odin: Button 2
    • Loki: Button 3



  • Tiger flight is tasked with splashing the A-50, and her escorts
  • Exercise caution around the SAM threat
  • Secondary objective is the Tu-142 reconnaissance flight over the Norwegian Sea
  •  KC-10 tanker support is available over Norway
  • Comm Plan: Use VHF Radio as discrete; Use UHF Radio to monitor guard and Shadow Control 243
  • Homeplate Köbületi Air Base
  • Loadouts are pre-selected and locked 
THREE Tridents… 3 Elements of 3 aircraft each  (* element leader)


  • SkyKnight*
  • Floundog
  • Airdog



  • Rico*
  • Baldawg
  • Skunk



  • Hook*
  • Vulcan
  • Zero


Your assigned flight will remain your flight for duration of mini-campaign, unless attendance dictates otherwise.



Enter your Callsign and confirm your availability for this mission by selecting either

(Flying) or (Grounded)


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