SkyKnight Presents: “Nordic Trident” mini-series

1983…The Cold War has turned hot. The Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which form the “Nordic Trident”, find themselves smack dab in the middle of a shooting war between NATO and the USSR.  Strap yourself into an AJ37 Viggen and fly with the famed Norrbotten Wing (F 21) in this 6-part mini-series. We’ve just been given our dispersal orders and tasked to create a rapid response unit with mission-ready combat aircraft ready to defend Sweden!


 January 1983

The Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which form the “Nordic Trident”, are at risk of invasion by the USSR. Two of those countries are members of NATO, and while Sweden’s public stance has always been one of neutrality, the threat of Soviet invasion, along with their pact with Norway and Denmark as part of the “Trident” has Sweden secretly cooperating with NATO.

The Soviet objective to control the North Atlantic and submarine access to the sea routes between the United States and Europe is well known. To achieve this, the Soviet Union must reach the North Atlantic as rapidly as possible. NATO believes the Soviet attack plan is not to invade Sweden but to go around the country, across the Danish Belts, and also to attack northern Norway from the Kola Peninsula. Sweden would then be “isolated”.  NATO thinks Moscow is hoping that Sweden will remain neutral as it did in the Second World War, when Germany invaded Denmark and Norway.  What the Kremlin does not know is that neutrality for Sweden is something of a sham. We will not hesitate to come to the defense of the Nordic Trident when faced with invasion.


SAAB AJ37 Viggen

The Saab AJ37 Viggen was developed during the 1960’s, entering service in the Swedish Air Force in 1972. It was primarily designed as an attack aircraft with a focus on pre-planned targets, using tactics that would concentrate on a single attack on a target area with the aircraft approaching from very low altitudes and later withdraw at very high speed. One pass, haul ass. The Viggen is powered by a single Volvo RM8 turbofan… essentially a license-built variant of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D engine that powered 727, 737 and DC-9 commercial airliners of the era. A 3-zone afterburner was added for the Viggen, and a thrust reverser incorporated for use during landings and taxi maneuvers, which, combined with the aircraft’s delta and canard wing configuration, gave the aircraft STOL-like capabilities, enabling operations from small airstrips with minimal support. 

Saying that the Viggen is “fast” is an understatement. It has superb acceleration and truly unique capabilities that very few aircraft in the world can accomplish. You will be flying at breakneck speeds at tree-top level, following a meticulously planned trajectory. Flying the Viggen will show you the value of proper pre-flight planning. For instance, adjusting the altimeter pressure setting is essential; all your reference points on your HUD and many of the weapons systems rely on the altimeter reading, and failing to get to the target fully prepared can often generate situations where your targeting cues are off.  This Swedish aircraft is the result of a practical design philosophy, sound hit-and-run tactics and technologies that allow the pilot to set many weapon parameters using a very simple interface.

The Viggen was designed to use only one type of air-to-ground ordnance at once. The reason is that when the Ground Crew loads the weapon. there is an external armaments panel where they set the correct positions depending on the loadout of the aircraft (telling the aircraft what it is carrying). If you take an invalid loadout of mixed weapons, you won’t be able to fire anything.
There are two exceptions to this rule: • A combination of the AKAN 30/55 gunpod with the RB-75 missile or the RB-05 missile. Any valid loadout can be combined with Sidewinder (RB24/74) air-to-air missiles.


Norrbotten Wing  (F 21)

Norrbotten Wing (F 21) is a Swedish Air Force wing dating back to 1941 and the second World War, tasked with defending northern Sweden. Our main base is located in Luleå Airbase in northern Sweden.  Because of the sparseness of airbases and infrastructure in the north of Sweden, F 21 is able to make use of a network of improvised road bases from which to operate the AJ37 Viggen.  F 21 has received their dispersal orders and formed a rapid response unit.  We will soon be departing Luleå for our dispersal sites above the arctic circle, near the border with Norway.


  • Depart Luleå RWY 13
  • Proceed Swedish target range (M1) and employ ARAK M70 rockets
  • Conduct low-level, high-speed penetration of Norway airspace
  • Perform SIGINT and radar sweep off Norwegian coast
  • Return to Swedish airspace
  • Arrive at dispersal site NOBEL


  • Controls Mapped per Chuck’s Guide (disregard his mappings for FR22 and FR24 Radio, and just setup for SRS like any other module) 
  • Cold and Dark Startup via Kneeboard
  • Taxi, Takeoff and Landing
  • Ability to refer to Kneeboard Flight Plan during flight for things like Target Point QFE
  • Waypoint Navigation
  • Employ ARAK M70 Rockets using pre-planned target point
THREE Tridents… 3 Elements of 3 aircraft each


  • SkyKnight*
  • Floundog
  • Airdog



  • Rico*
  • Baldawg
  • Skunk



  • Hook*
  • Vulcan
  • Zero

* element leader

Your assigned flight will remain your flight for duration of mini-series, unless attendance dictates otherwise.



Enter your Callsign and confirm your availability for this mission by selecting either

(Flying) or (Grounded)


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