Rico Presents: IAF-Part 10:
“1982 Lebanon War”

The Palestinian Liberation Organization has been a thorn in Israel’s side for many years now, as nothing more than terrorists who target innocents. Foreign attempts to keep Israel from attacking the PLO have been heeded… until now. With Syria blatantly backing them, and PLO attacks increasing, the time has come for Israel to strike back. We will attack north into Lebanon along coastal roads, inland into the Bekaa Valley and through an amphibious assault south of Beirut.


 June 1982

Having learned valuable lessons from the Yom Kippur War, the IAF has turned a corner.  These lessons were paid for in the blood of Israeli soldiers, sailors and airmen and we will honor them through our knowledge.

Recent military successes in Entebbe and Baghdad have emboldened Israeli leadership to strike back at the PLO and the countries supporting their terrorism. Lebanon, whose military has been ineffectual at containing the threat will not be a factor. Syrian air defenses have been placed so as to defeat the IAF as they did in 1973, but they fail to realize how much we have learned.

Now armed with US provided anti radiation missiles, F-15A and F-16A fighters, we will defeat Syrian air defenses, strike PLO targets, and destroy the Syrian Air Force when they respond. Nothing short of complete victory will be acceptable. To assist we have embraced technological advances. In addition to the ARMs and new aircraft, we have trained with new datalink systems and EW aircraft. But our real surprise is drones: we have drone aircraft in position to provide real time reporting on major Syrian airfields and SAM sites. Additional drones will appear to be Israeli fighters, making it difficult for Syrian gunners to target our aircraft.

Operation Mole Cricket 19 / Bekaa Valley

This week the Black Knights will attempt to capture two separate events from the 1982 Lebanon War- Operation Mole Cricket 19 and the Bekaa Valley Turkey Shoot.

Operation Mole Cricket 19 was a suppression of enemy air defenses campaign launched by the Israeli Air Force against Syrian targets on June 9, 1982, at the outset of the 1982 Lebanon War.

We expect that Operation Mole Cricket 19 will elicit a very large response from the Syrian Air Force once they realize their SAM umbrella is ineffective, so we will employ our Kurnass and Netz flights to decisively engage and destroy ALL Syrian aircraft approaching Lebanese or Israeli airspace. Our Kurnass can employ the latest AIM-7’s to engage the enemy at range, and while our Netz fighters lack radar guided missiles, they are capable of employing many Shafrir and are superior dogfighters. This synergy must be employed to maximize our advantage- do not surrender to aggression and get mixed up with Syrians if we can kill them at range!




  • SA-2
  • SA-3
  • SA-6
  • ZSU-23mm
  • ZSU-57mm
  • 85mm Flak
  • Syrian Air Force MiG-19, MiG-21 and MiG-23; Su-17, Su-22; Gazelle, Mi-8, Mi-24
Netz FLT (F-16)

  • Phase 1 – Supplemental DEAD to destroy sites already suppressed by Wild Weasels.
  • Phase 2 – Strike
  • Phase 3 – CAP
  • Phases 2 & 3 may not be discrete


Baz FLT (F-15)

  • CAP (All Phases)
  • Armament: 4 x AIM-9; 4 x AIM-7


All Flights

WP1 – Tyre (Lebanese Coast)

WP2 – Between Beruit and Bekka Valley (EWR)

WP3 – SAM site on Syria-Lebanon border

WP4 – Ramat David



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