Mafia & Hook Present: “IAF- Part 5: 1970 War of Attrition- Operation “Rimon 20”

The year, 1970- Following the 6 day war the Arab nations of the Middle East founded the “Three no’s” policy. No peace, no negotiations, and no acknowledgement of Israel. What followed was 3 more years of conflict from 1967 to 1970 between Israel and Egypt. While Egypt was initially met with success, Israel has steadily turned the tide and is on the brink of victory. Fearing yet another humiliating defeat, Egypt has called for help from a distant ally in a desperate last ditch attempt to finally defeat Israel. The IAF must stay one step ahead of Egypt if it will continue to survive. 

Operation Rimon 20, July 30 1970


In the three years following the IAFThe War of Attrition – Defence and intelligence Norway’s hugely successful campaign in the Six-Day War in June of

1967, Egypt declared the War of Bloodshed (more commonly known as the War of Attrition in the
future). Egypt’s stated intent was to not only restore Egypt’s damaged honor, but also reclaim control of the Sinai Peninsula and other areas of land seized by Israel during the Six Day War.  The Arabic nations Syria, Jordan, the terrorists group PLO and groups from Cuba have also joined in Egypt’s War. In spite of the combined opposition, over the three years of conflict our forces have been increasingly successful on all three fronts, especially in Egypt where the majority of the fighting has taken place. While most of our borders have been small conflicts with small casualties and long breaks between the fighting the Egyptian border has seen the most action with them determined to reclaim the Sinai Peninsula lost in the Six Day War. Over the last 3 years we have estimated Egyptian losses to be as high as 10,000 troops and up to over 100 aircraft lost
and their air defenses decimated. Last year the French placed an arms embargo on us, but thanks to new American assistance we have been able to bomb deep into Egypt like never before using the American F-4E Phantom. Due to our recent success, Prime Minister Golda Meir was expecting a ceasefire, yet newly declassified information has shown that Russian military involvement since April of this year has strengthened Egypt’s resolve to continue the war. Russia at first was taking a stand off approach however that no longer appears the case. On April 1st a flight of Mirages spotted Russian Mig-21’s flown by Russian pilots over the Sinai. Both groups did not engage. Due to not wanting America to get involved and fear of escalation to nuclear war Russia seemed to be as more of an advisory and training capacity. However new intel has been gathered that as many as 12,000 Russian personnel are in Egypt and the 35 th Russian Air Wing with brand new Mig 21’s and the 135th Russian Air Defense group is operating brand new S-125 SA-3 Sam’s, Shilka AAA’s, and Spetnaz shoulder fired AA Strela 2’s are operating on the front line and engaging in hostile actions against us. On June 30 th Russian Mig’s downed an A-4 over the border and on June 30 th two F-4’s were shot down by Russian manned SA-3 despite the IAF intentionally going out of our way to only strike Egyptian targets. Prime Minister Meir is no longer tolerating direct Russian involvement and has authorized Operation “Rimon 20”. Due to our success in the Six Day War campaign we have been tasked with carrying out the operation.



Our objective is simple. Send a loud and clear message to Russia that we will no longer tolerate their
direct involvement and hopefully drive them out of Egypt and forcing Egypt to call for a ceasefire once
they no longer have direct Russian support. If we fail Russia could escalate their involvement and
embolden other Arab nations either force America to get directly involved starting WW3 or mean the
eventual death of Israel as we cannot defeat the full strength of the Russian military.


Phase 1 will be comprised of our A-4 running SEAD operations against the Russians forward SA-3 sites.
Intel suggests that they also have advanced P-15 Russian radars so it is advised to fly in low and pop up
attack as soon as they get a radar lock. We also believe the majority of the Shilka’s will be protecting
their forward defenses so we do not want to have to resort to rocket or bombing attacks to finish off the
neutralize the SA-3 sites. Be advised these are top of the line Russian SAM’s and not the old SA-2’s so do
not underestimate them.


Once Phase 1 is complete a flight of F4’s will launch and attack on Bir Gifgafa Airbase, where
Russian and Egyptian Air Forces are stationed. Our goal in phase 2 is to do as much damage as possible.
Static aircraft on the ground, POL (Fuel) sources, Hangers, Comm Towers, Radars, Ground Vehichles etc.
If it is at the airfield it is Russian or Egyptian so attack it. You will be free to attack targets at will, drop all
bombs you carry and cause mass damage. A-4’s once you have completed P1 you are clear to strafe any
and all ground targets with rockets and cannons. Anything within the Perimeter fence line of the airfield
is considered hostile and free to attack so do not limit yourself to assets near the runways. Once all
bombs and ordinance has been launched we will RTB to Ramat David and Rearm for A2A (Pre-loadout


Intel says the majority of Russian Migs are at an airfield too far behind enemy lines to attack with the
hope of minimizing our losses. So the point of phase 2 is to do mass damage to draw out the remaining
Russian Migs in a counter attack or CAP missions closer to our border. To try and make this happen a
flight of Mirage III’s disguised as post attack recon flight assessing damage from P2. Our hope is that any
Mig’s further in country launched will see the Mirage flight as easy prey and get on an intercept course.
If this happens the Mirages with act as if they are running and return to Israel at high altitude. We will
be rearmed for air to air and holding at a staging point on the southern tip of the SOG. Once the Mig’s
are on intercept course for the Mirages our F-4 Squadron will set a direct course for the Mirages and
Migs. It is imperative that while marshalling and holding over the SOG we stay low. Our goal is while on
intercept course to stay below radar range and only “pop up” once behind any Mig’s and try to get our
first Salvo of shots off from BVR at range with Aim -7’s. Once we have engaged the enemy the Mirages
disguised as the recon flight will then turn hot and engage any bandits in the AO. Exact Russian Mig
numbers are unknown but after taking out some of them on the ground in P2 intel says the suspect the
number to be “manageable”. They also will most likely be escorted by any remaining Egyptian Migs but
most of those are front line at KHAC so we don’t expect many of them. If we are detected Flight leaders
will issues on the fly as the situation dictates.


THREAASSESMENT: The Russians are supplementing the normal capabilities of the EAF. By now we are all to familiar with the EAF’s standard equipment, but added to that is the latest of Soviet Com Block hardware. MiG-21Bis fighters, Shilka SPAAA, and the SA-3 S-125 SAM sites are known to be operation in the region. Prior to this we have avoided direct engagement of the Soviets, but today you will be required to confront them. Remember that the MiG 21s are the very latest and will be flown by the best pilots the USSR has on hand. Mossad reports Spatnaz Air Defense Detachments are known to be operating in the area, in support of the SA-3 sites, and are equipped with Strelas. As mentioned in the brief, avoid close overflight of the SA-3s during your attack. 




Sakeen FLT (A-4 Skyhawk) PHASE 1 & 2 ONLY, LIMIT 5 MAX! 

  • A-4 pilots must be prepared to switch to the F-4E upon returning from Phase 2
  • SEAD – attack on SA-3 sites with AGM 45A Shrike
  • Comm: 243Mhz

Mazek FLT (F-14 as IAF F-4E)

  • Available in all three phases, limited to F-4E Phantom capabilities. NO MORE THAN 49 PERCENT INTERNAL FUEL, NO PHOENIX!!!
  • Phase 1 & 2 Tasking- ground attack on Bir Gifgafa with 18X Mk 82. 
  • Assist with navigation during SEAD (F-4E has more advanced INU than the A-4) 
  • Comm: 243Mhz
  • Navigation:
    • SP 1- Rally Point
    • SP 2- SA-3 Site 1
    • SP 3- SA 3 Site 2
    • SP 4- Home Base

Rekab FLT (M-2000C as Mirage III) NPC / Hook ONLY

  • Launching after Phase 2 to masquerade as a high altitude Recon Flight
  • Rekab will attempt to bait Soviets into an ambush. Be prepared to communicate with Rekab and to work closely to ensure operation success.
  • 4 additional Rekab elements will be holding near Ramat David as RESCAP
  • Comm: 243Mhz.


Enter your Callsign and confirm your availability for this mission by selecting either (Flying) or (Grounded)












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