NOT SO LONG AGO, IN A GALAXY NOT SO FAR AWAY…  The Rebel Alliance has appeared, joining forces with the United States and her allies against the evil Galactic Empire. Since the events of Act II the newly formed Rebel Coalition has taken the fight to the Empire in a bold attempt to reverse their plan to dominate planet Earth. We catch up with the Black Knights as they arrive to Nellis AFB, Nevada, just after a massive clash of Rebel Coaliton & Imperial Forces in the once great city of Las Vagas…That same Las Vagas that has now been reduced to burning rubble…

When space research agencies around the globe began detecting massive anomalies heading for earth, the consensus among experts was that earth was in imminent danger of asteroid impacts. That theory would be short lived… Within minutes of detection, the anomalies began transmitting a message on all know television channels, radio frequencies, and even government controlled high security networks… A transcript of that broadcast follows:


“People of earth- I am Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire. I demand the immediate surrender of all sovereign powers of your planet. The Empire will bring safety, security and society. This will be your one and only opportunity… Lay down your arms and embrace the Galactic Empire, or be crushed under it’s fist. 


Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA.


Less than a day ago, the Stennis finally limped her way back to the coast of California in spite of battle damage from our clash with the Empire in the Persian Golf. Upon regaining contact with NORAD & the Pentagon, we were immediately ordered to sortie all available combat aircraft to Las Vegas to support a major defensive in the area. We may have arrived too late to save Las Vegas, but Imperial Forces are still active in the area, and the Rebel Coalition needs time to set up a base of operations at Nellis Air Force Base in order to counter the major Imperial offensives being stated in the area. Our Tomcats are here to do what we do best- defend our airspace.

For now, and while we are here, our mission is simple. Alert 5 duty until further notice. . . We are clear to launch, intercept and destroy anything that comes remotely close to Nellis. Alright fellas, get to it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mission will play out in TWO ACTS (Act 3 & 4). The first mission will take place at NTTR, the second at the Black Sea. Please be prepared for a theater changes between missions.

Threat Assessment:

Imperial Tie Fighters, Tie Interceptors, and a deadly and experimental known as the Tie Hunter were spotted during the siege of Las Vegas. They may be active in the area.

Imperial ISDs were destroyed over Las Vegas, causing major damage and possible collision hazards. Use caution when flying in the vicinity of Nellis. No ISDs are believed to be remaining in the area, but they can appear on short notice.

Imperial Ground Forces have been active. You can expect AT-ST and AT-AT walkers and tanks. 




  • F-14B 
    • Pilots: Unlimited
    • RIOs: THREE MAX- First Come, First Serve
  • Incom T-65 X-Wing: (RIOs only)
    • This mission will provide a sequence where RIOs may opt to fly an X-Wing during Act IV. This will only be permitted if we have enough man power AND if the RIOs have properly bound there controls.




Enter your Callsign and confirm your availability for this mission by selecting either (Flying) or (Grounded)

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