NOTAM 19/1201

19/1201 - Update procedure for DCS Simple Radio Standalone

NOTE: The SRS Installer may force a system restart immediately following a successful installation, to update the Visual C++ redist. For that reason, make sure you SAVE any open work or close apps prior to updating SRS.


Step 1.) Find “” in your \Dropbox\BlackKnights\Voice Comms folder

Step 2.) Extract the “” file into a temporary folder of your choice on your PC.

Step 3.) Navigate to the temporary folder where you unzipped DCS-SRS and run the “Installer.exe”.

Step 4.) Click the “Install / Update DCS-SRS” button in the lower left corner of the installer. CAUTION:  SRS may force a system restart immediately following a successful installation.

Step 5.) Run DCS-SRS client and confirm new version in upper right corner of the window, verify all settings and bindings are correct, and run a connection test against the Black Knights Server (which will be online)

Step 6.) Check out the NEW FEATURES available from within DCS World > Options > Special.  Locate “DCS-SRS” on the right hand column, and you’ll expose options for displaying the in-game Overlay, and for a new feature called “Auto Launch”. With Auto Launch checked, SRS will automatically start when you connect to a server running SRS. Great for those who forget to run SRS prior to launching DCS.


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