NOT SO LONG AGO, IN A GALAXY NOT SO FAR AWAY…  As the alert F-14Bs prepare to launch off the the four catapults of the U.S.S. John C. Stennis, three blue and black blurs streak overhead with a deafening drone, followed by the reports of blaster fire. A second later a Oliver Hazard Perry Class in close formation with the Stennis explodes, sending debris in all directions, and the carrier group into absolute chaos. The Stennis, her escorts and fighters are now in a battle for absolute survival against the ultimate (if not unlikely) opponent- Imperial Star Destroyers…

When space research agencies around the globe began detecting massive anomalies heading for earth, the consensus among experts was that earth was in imminent danger of asteroid impacts. That theory would be short lived… Within minutes of detection, the anomalies began transmitting a message on all know television channels, radio frequencies, and even government controlled high security networks… A transcript of that broadcast follows:


“People of earth- I am Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire. I demand the immediate surrender of all sovereign powers of your planet. The Empire will bring safety, security and society. This will be your one and only opportunity… Lay down your arms and embrace the Galactic Empire, or be crushed under it’s fist. 


STRAIT OF HORMUZ- CVN-74  & DESRON 12 (CSG 4), 1144 Hours Local.

Gentlemen, since 0748 hours this morning we have been in the fight of our lives. Our F-14Bs & 18Cs have done an absolute bang up job in protecting the carrier group against what we can now only surmise is an extra terrestrial assault against our planet. Our top priority now is to make best speed back to the United States, as all contact has been lost with Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) and even the Pentagon.

Although we are making best speed out of the gulf, we are still being pursued by a massive & deadly vessel, which has identified itself as “Accuser” an I-Class Star Destroyer of the Galactic Empire. The Accuser has repeatedly jammed our communication channels demanding we stand down all weapons and surrender the Carrier Group. In keeping with the finest of U.S. Navy Traditions, we have kindly told them to go f**k themselves. 

We’ve managed to keep some distance from the Accuser, since her speed seems to be somewhat constrained by our atmosphere, but she is steadily gaining on us. The Imperial’s have a rather strange mix of technology, as while they have incredible propulsion abilities, they seem to be dependent on line of sight energy based weapons. The Accuser hasn’t been able to fire on the Stennis yet, but she has defeated all of our anti-ship missiles. A couple brave F-14s tried to deliver some iron bombs onto the Accuser, but both fighters were lost to a potent defensive weapons array. We can only presume that the Accuser intends to either board the Stennis or destroy the fleet with short range weapons. 

We’ve got to find a way to stop the Accuser and get the hell out of the Persian Gulf. We are seeing more and more of those Star Destroyers popping up on our radar, and they seem to be focusing on highly populated areas. Open water is our best shot and making it back to the USA in time to be of any use. 

Get back in the air and stop that ship before it’s too late. Good luck…





  • F-14B (ALERT 5 CAP)
    • Pilots: Unlimited
    • RIOs: TWO MAX- First Come, First Serve


  • I-Class Imperial Star Destroyer “Accuser”
    • I-Class ISDs run equipped with a compliment of 72 Fighters/Bombers, 24 of which may be Tie Interceptors, and up to 12 captured Y-Wing Bombers. Unknown amount remaining, and repair/refit capabilities are also unknown.
    • Powerful self defense array
    • Speeds of up to 65 Knots at low altitude
    • Fighters can be launched in flights of 12 which up to no notice
    • ISD seems to be radar proof/absorbing. Must be attack with air to ground ordinance. 
  • More Imperial ships are popping up around the globe. The Accuser may have reinforcements in the area.  




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