NOT SO LONG AGO, IN A GALAXY NOT SO FAR AWAY…  It’s July 4th, 1996… American’s day of Independence. This morning America woke expecting the usual patriotic festivities… All seemed normal until observatories around the globe detected never before seen anomalies appearing in low earth orbit. Scientist initially feared some type of imminent asteroid collision, but the reality would prove to be much worse… It’s Imperial Day…

When space research agencies around the globe began detecting massive anomalies heading for earth, the consensus among experts was that earth was in imminent danger of asteroid impacts. That theory would be short lived… Within minutes of detection, the anomalies began transmitting a message on all know television channels, radio frequencies, and even government controlled high security networks… A transcript of that broadcast follows:

                                  Flag of the First Galactic Empire.svg***TRANSMISSION***Flag of the First Galactic Empire.svg

“People of earth- I am Emperor Palpatine of the Galatic Empire. I demand the immediate surrender of all sovereign powers of your planet. The Empire will bring safety, security and society. This will be your one and only opportunity… Lay down your arms and embrace the Galactic Empire, or be crushed under it’s fist. 


STRAIT OF HORMUZ- CVN-74  & DESRON 12 (CSG 4), 0748 Hours Local.

Gents, we’ve got a developing situation. Approximately 10 minutes ago we received an urgent communication from the Pentagon commanding us to exit the strait at best speed and to go to general quarters. Moments after this transmission we lost contact with not only the Pentagon, but our entire command and control structure…. At this time we plan to… stand by…

Gents we just got word from air search radar that we have high speed tracks heading directly for the CV from the south. Based on their closure speed it’s gotta be cruise missiles. LAUNCH THE ALERT 5 CATS, I SAY AGAIN, LAUNCH ALERT 5 FIGHTERS.





  • F-14B (ALERT 5 CAP)
    • Unlimited




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