Hook Presents: “We Were Pilots-Remastered, Part II”

The Battle of Ia Drang rages on to the second day. After successful insertion, followed by intense firefights, 1/7 Cav settled down for a long night around LZ X-ray. As the second day breaks, 1/7 awoke to the sound of gunfire. The battle is on once again, and 1/7 Cav will once again depend on your help to survive.

Hook Presents:'We Were Pilots'
“Operation Silver Bayonet” 

The Battle of Ia Drang was the first major battle between the US Army and the People’s Army of Vietnam, also referred to as the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). It comprised two main engagements, centered on two previously scouted helicopter landing zones (LZs), known as LZ X-Ray and LZ Albany. The first involved the 1st Battalion, 7th Cav Regiment and supporting units under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore, and took place November 14–16, 1965 at LZ X-Ray, located in the central highlands of Vietnam.

As an aviator supporting Silver Bayonet, you will participate in the clearing actions prior to the air assault, the air assault of LZ X-ray, and ongoing support of troops while they are in contact. A-4s, P-51s and F-86s will be responsible for bombing of LZ Xray prior to the landing, and will be available for air support during the air assault.

UH-1 flights will load 1st Battalion, 7th Cav dismounts, and proceed en mass LZ X-ray. After inserting troop UH-1s will remain available for medevac, delivery of additional forces, and air support.

UH-1 pilots will perform an air assault into the La Drang Valley at LZ “X-Ray”, with CAS provided by USAF A-1 Skyraiders, F-100Fs, and USN A-4 Skyhawks.


Pilots, we just received word that a second organized attack is being mounted on 1/7 Cavs position, as of 0700 hours, Nov 15 1965. The first shots of the mourning range out at 0600 hours, as patrol’s from Charlie Company attempted to once again reach Lt. Herrick’s cut off platoon. We’ve been informed of pre-planned B-52 strikes on critical NVA positions NLT 1600 hours, however we must keep our boys alive until then. Get to your planes, and be prepared to support 1/7 however possible. Reference the intel below for the last know positions of 1/7 and 2/7.

A Detailed briefing will be provided Monday Night. Please reserve you role below.


    • A-4 Skyraider 
    • A-1 Skyraider [F-51] 
    • F-100F Super Sabre (F-86)
    • UH-1 (Minimum of 2 required)
Flying June 3rd @ 20:00 CST
Mission Briefs Monday

Enter your Callsign and confirm your availability for this mission by selecting either (Flying) or (Grounded)

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