Hook Presents:’Desert Rats’

We pause our Vietnam Series to take a trip to Northern Africa, circa June 1941. “The Desert Fox” -General Erwin Rommel has held Tobruk under siege for over 200 days. In a desperate attempt to finally put the German Army on the defensive, the British Army’s 7th Armored Brigade is rolling out to attempt to break the back of Rommel’s deadly Panzer Divisions. 

Operation Battleaxe took place in June 1941. It was one of the first major offensives of the war, and the first time the British Army put the German’s on the defensive in a large scale land battle. As an RAF pilot, you will take to the skies in order to keep the Luftwaffe’s head down, and to support our boys on the ground however possible. 

The RAF has been strafing supply columns and hitting German airfields leading up to this attack, and we hope that will hinder the Luftwaffe’s ability to threaten our ground forces, however we can still expect a dangerous response. Our mission will be to clear the way for our advance, hold the airspace while our ground forces make their push. We can attack ground targets when possible, but only when we are sure that the Luftwaffe isn’t in the area. 

For this mission, Pilots can have their choice of any DCS WW2 Module. Fly a Spitfire, Mustang, a lend-lease I-16, or even a captured FW-190 or BF-109! The Luftwaffe will have BF-109s and FW-190s, however they will probably be focused on ground attack, with the occasional escort here and there. 

Detailed briefing will be provided Monday Night. 


Threat Assessment: 

The Luftwaffe has ample supply of BF-109s and FW-190s. The pilots in those squadrons are experts at ground attack, but can be expected to be competent in air to air combat. 

German ground forces are primarily Panzer divisions, with battle tanks and supporting infantry and vehicles. We can expect flak and anti aircraft artillery in the area, as Gerry is dug in and ready for a fight. 

Pilots, please indicate the ROLE you wish to fly on the Duty Roster. NOT ALL ROLES ARE REQUIRED, so pick the aircraft you most want to fly!

SUNRAY FLT (SPITFIRE, P-51D, I-16, BF-109 OR FW-190)

  • CAP & CAS


  • Ground forces and overall command. Can be conducted full time or from the air. 


Pilots will be in cockpits at 0530 local time. Expect typical hot, dry and clear conditions.


THIS MISSION WILL BE FLOWN IN THE LATEST Stable Build v2.5.4.30386 on the NTTR Map. 



Enter your Callsign and confirm your availability for this mission by selecting either (Flying) or (Grounded)


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May 18, 2019
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