Squadron Donations 2018

There are costs associated with keeping our website and dedicated servers running. Like everything else nowadays, costs are rising, and the burden is one the CO can’t bear alone. So, we accept donations to help keep our website and servers running. Your donation will help directly fund our hosting and server expenses, projected to be $240 for 2018.¬†~SkyKnight

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and accepted via PayPal by clicking on the ‘DONATE’ button below. Donors will be recognized on this page.

Projected 2018 Expenses Cost Total
Web Hosting (monthly) $5 $60
TeamSpeak Server (monthly) $5 $60
Domain Renewal $10 $10
VaultPress Backups / Disaster Recovery (monthly) $5 $60
New Map Licenses for Dedicated Server $50 $50
New PSU for Server Rebuild $60 $60
Total Expenses $300
Olimometer 2.52

Thank You for your 2018 donation!

Hook ($45)

Airdog ($50)

Baldawg ($50)

Skinny ($75)

Zerocoolz ($20)