F-4E by Belsimtek

Belsimtek announced they have started development of an F4-E module for DCS, on their website.

What we know so far…

Link to the post.

After release of Tiger and Magnificent Eight at the end of 2016 almost all our effort was relayed to development of F/A-18 DCS module in cooperation with Eagle Dynamics. In this project we are handling dynamics, avionics and systems, FCS (Flight Control System) included.

In parallel we continue our work on exciting project for fans of combat helicopters – the attack helicopter Mi-24P (was a long time since we pleased our helicopter enthusiasts, and ourselves as developers, by a war machine with rotor dynamics).

Also we started development of the famous fighter-bomber F-4E.

We are planning to post updates about each project in future.

Wish you to have a great time learning available DCS World modules and hope you will like quality of the upcoming ones.

With respect,
Belsimtek Team.


We are very pleased that our news has given you great pleasure.
The team makes one of the latest modifications of the F-4E, with a large range of weapons. Also, we will not forget about the multi-crew.

The advancement of the project will be reported in the news.

Yes, we are aiming to USAF F-4E.

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I hope and read this as a late-70/80s non-upgraded late production variant, that has been in wide front line service with the USAF in that timeframe.

Something like this. More detailed description will be provided in the forthcoming news.

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Perhaps it will also include some details on how the WSO will be handled in SP?

It’s a bit too early to say something specific. We are preparing specification to AI WSO functions and communications now.

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Carrier capable?

It has hook, but not intended to land on carrier. But will it stop from trying?

Level stabilizer in F-4E like we got in MiG-21?

Automatic flight control system has augmentation and AFCS mode. In AFCS – attitude and altitude hold

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Are you also looking at a pilot AI for us WSO-oriented people?

Ultimately for sure, but it is discussed what to include first and then.




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