A400M Atlas Tactical Airlifter Owns The Mach Loop

It’s always nice to see a large airlifter maneuver at low level.  Even the local plane spotting Brits reacted with an “Oh Shite!”

Here’s a pass by one of the A400Ms from RAF Brize Norton on Apr. 10, 2017.

The RAF eceived its first of 22 Atlas on Nov. 14, 2014 to replace the aging fleet of C-130 aircraft. The Atlas aircraft are assigned to the RAF 70 Sqn and the 24 Sqn, that is Air Mobility Operational Conversion Unit.

The A400M is capable of carrying a load of 25 tons over a range of 2,000NM at speeds comparable with pure-jet military transports. The aircraft is able to fly at high-level altitudes (up to 40,000ft) and at low-level (down to 150ft agl) and this is the reason why the Atlas will often pay a visit to the Mach Loop.



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