Jaws Presents: “Skoshi Tigers- Part I” Yak Presents: “L Z Dot – Part 2” Yak Presents: “L Z Dot – Part I” SkyKnight Presents: “Red Storm Rising: Targets of Opportunity”
Jaws Presents: “Skoshi Tigers- Part I”
The Black Knights take to the skies over 'Nam once again, in a mini-series paying homage to the 4503rd TFS(P), the "Skoshi Tigers", and their fellow squadrons during their 1965-66 deployment. In this first sortie, pilots will become familiar with Bien Hoa AB, the AO, and perform their first basic combat sorties in their assigned aircraft. This mini-series will be restarted from the beginning.
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Yak Presents: “L Z Dot – Part 2”
In the aftermath of your attack yesterday, the NVA know they’ve lost the element of surprise, along with the men, and equipment you destroyed. That doesn’t appear to be stopping them from moving on LZ Dot with their remaining forces. Our overnight patrols have reported heavy movement along this sector of the border. Dawn is breaking, and conditions are improving. It’s time to get up there, and finish this.
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Yak Presents: “L Z Dot – Part I”
Attention Black Knights. The squadron is temporarily transferring to Binh Thuy air base to help the 3rd Ranger, 36th ARVN, 1st Cav, and Battery D, 1st Battalion, 5th Artillery, deal with increased NVA activity near Landing Zone Dot. The brass have elevated this Op’s. priority due to LZ Dot’s proximity to the Cambodian border, and Saigon. We need to get in there and shut Charlie down before this thing gets out of hand.
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SkyKnight Presents: “Red Storm Rising: Targets of Opportunity”
"Excuse me, General, I have a naval intelligence officer here." 
"Is it important?" 
"I believe it is, sir… Very." 
SACEUR looked down at his desk. "Show him in." "General, we captured a Russian fighter pilot in the battle for Iceland. He comes from an important family. I interrogated him… here's the tape. Sir, I think we know why the war started."
"Let's hear it, son."
"Oil !"
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