Jaws Presents:<br>“Operation PAYBACK” Grudge Match Series: Mig 21 Vs F-5 ROUND 2 Jaws Presents:<br>“REAPER 1-3” Redux (Take 2) Baldawg Presents: <br>Operation: Hairball of the Dawg
Jaws Presents:
“Operation PAYBACK”
In the follow up to last week's "Reaper 1-3" and the conclusion to the "Sultan 1-3" series, BKS will take the the skies once again to take the fight to the IS forces that have encompassed U.S. Forces in Syria shortly after the rescue of a BKS downed pilot. This time, BKS is tasked with one simple mission- "Kill 'em all, and let God sort them out"
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Grudge Match Series: Mig 21 Vs F-5 ROUND 2
Team Tiger wants some payback, and Team Fishbed has a title to defend...September 17, 2016

Results from Round 1 included...
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Jaws Presents:
“REAPER 1-3” Redux (Take 2)
Black Knight Down! One of our own pilots was forced to eject from his bird during a daring yet successful rescue effort of a UAE Pilot. Now with one of their own in harm's way, The Black Knights will need to work together to get the downed pilot to safety before he is captured by IS Forces. Take 2!
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Baldawg Presents:
Operation: Hairball of the Dawg
Gentlemen, it's the Base Commanders last hurrah with the Squadron Today. All Pilots are to report to the flight line to accompany the Colonel on his last flight around NTTR to arrive at Creech AFB for a bash at the 'O' club tonight. Lets show the boss a good time out there and make sure we get to the party safe!!
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