Jaws Presents:<br>“Operation Rip Tide: Day One” Jaws Presents:<br>“Operation: Rip Tide” Deployment Readiness Exercise Floundog Presents: <br> “Operation: Son of Goat Rape”
Jaws Presents:
“Operation Rip Tide: Day One”
FALCON Fleet has finally arrived off the coast of Batumi, in preparation to execute their first contract. The Batumi International Airport will make a fine new FALCON Office... So let's get to work.
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Jaws Presents:
“Operation: Rip Tide”
You are a pilot in the recently formed FALCON Defense Services, a Private Military Contractor offshoot of a massive Aviation Empire. Having received lucrative new contracts in the Black Sea, we are currently en route to our new Area of Operations aboard the F.D.S. Invictus, and will use this time to get all pilots mission ready!
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Deployment Readiness Exercise
The squadron will undergo a DRE Monday Oct 3rd, in advance of "Operation Rip Tide". Continue on for further details.
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Floundog Presents:
“Operation: Son of Goat Rape”
A fragile peace agreement has been shattered today as numerous Uragan artillery convoys have been spotted approaching the sparely defended mountainous border.  NATO forces are authorized to repel the surprise attack and defeat any hostile forces before the enemy artillery is within firing range of our allied bases.
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