Jaws & Floundog Present:<br>AV-8B FAM Block XIII Jaws & Floundog Present:<br>AV-8B FAM Block XII Jaws & Floundog Present:<br>AV-8B FAM Block XI
Jaws & Floundog Present:
Returning to MCAS Cherry Point for their last Block of new material, the squadron will be introduced to the most advanced sensor available to the AV-8B... the AN/AAQ-28V LITENING targeting pod.
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Jaws & Floundog Present:
VMA-214 will wrap up their participation in Red Flag with the "Top Shot" competition and an exercise in remote field operations. The AV-8B was designed to operate from hastily created FARPs to be near the fight in support of Marine forces.  The "Top Shot" competition will serve as an additional Stage Check to evaluate a pilot's skill at deploying various air-to-ground weapons. Pilots will also have the opportunity to practice their air-to-air refueling skills in between trips to the NTTR live fire ranges.
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Jaws & Floundog Present:
AV-8B FAM Block XI
This FAM will introduce pilots to Night Ops in the "Night Attack" variant of the AV-8B. Equipped with a navigation forward-looking infrared (NAVFLIR) sensor, "Cats Eyes" night-vision goggles and an NVG-compatible cockpit, images from the NAVFLIR are projected on the head-up display or on one of the multi-purpose color displays to provide night-time and reduced-visibility capability in the aircraft.
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