Floundog Presents:<br>“Red Storm Rising: Demons” Bluto Presents: “Red Storm Rising: Shoot-out at 31-West” SkyKnight Presents: “Red Storm Rising: Time on Target” Floundog Presents:<br>“Red Storm Rising: Casualties”
Floundog Presents:
“Red Storm Rising: Demons”
Despite NATO's attempts to reinforce Norway's depleted defenses, the effort came too late. A Soviet Surface Action Group, lurking in the Norwegian Sea, has been detected steaming for Bodø, with a full complement of landing ships. There can no longer be any doubt as to the Russian's intent... Invasion.
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Bluto Presents: “Red Storm Rising: Shoot-out at 31-West”
They watched the twin-engine fighter swoop straight down the valley. Its nose disappeared in a mass of flame as the pilot fired his antitank cannon. Four tanks exploded before his eyes as the Thunderbolt disappeared into the overcast. "Their damned airplanes come swooping in too low for our radar, and we have practically no chance to see them before they fire." The colonel gestured toward the battlefield.  The burned out remains of fifteen tanks lie in view. "That American low-level fighter did this-the Thunderbolt. Our men call it the Devil's Cross."
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SkyKnight Presents: “Red Storm Rising: Time on Target”
"We have a multi-regiment Backfire raid in progress now at forty-five degrees north, forty-nine west." Toland held the Red Rocket telex in his hand. "You ready?" he asked the F-14 fighter pilot. "Damned right I'm ready!". The teleprinter in the corner of the room started chattering: INDICATE OPERATION DOOLITTLE.
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Floundog Presents:
“Red Storm Rising: Casualties”
USS Reuben James led the way...Behind her was a convoy of 15 merchant ships with escorting vessels, bound for the French port of LeHavre with heavy equipment and munitions. Operation Reforger had dozens of American and foreign flagged vessels racing to and from American ports, many trying to keep as far away as possible from the Soviet Backfire bombers and submarines reported surging south from the Norwegian Sea.
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