Jaws Presents:<br>“Operation Rip Tide:<br>EXIT… Stage Left!” Coming Soon…SkyKnight Presents: Red Storm Rising Viper Presents:<br>“Operation Rip Tide: Red Bird” Lord Angel Presents:<br>“Operation Rip Tide:<br>Batumi Hunt” Part II
Jaws Presents:
“Operation Rip Tide:
EXIT… Stage Left!”
Prepare for a wild ride, as Operation Riptide concludes with FALCON Defense Services leaving Georgia in a similar manner to how we arrived... One massive cluster#$#@!
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Coming Soon…SkyKnight Presents: Red Storm Rising
Based on the best-selling novel by Tom Clancy, the Black Knights next campaign will simulate various engagements during a fictional Third World War in Europe between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces, set around the mid-1980s, and fought exclusively with conventional weapons. Read more for details.
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Viper Presents:
“Operation Rip Tide: Red Bird”
The ongoing interrogation of Colonel Nikoloz Komplik continues to bear fruit, as he gives up more of his subordinates, many of which are wanted by the UN for war crimes. Our latest contract has FDS going after a particularly slippery HVT. If we're not quick about it, the Russians will snatch him up before we can. The gouge is this HVT has very damaging information that could potentially prove Russian ties to Komplik.
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Lord Angel Presents:
“Operation Rip Tide:
Batumi Hunt” Part II
With the capture of Colonel Nikoloz Komplik, we have monitored many insurgent forces retreating, possibly back to the Tbilisi area. What we have learned is that the Colonel had one last strike in store for the Black Knights. Thankfully the Black Knights were able to suppress the attack on Batumi but not without casualties and damage sustained to Batumi Airbase.
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